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Have a hose or fitting break after hours? We live locally and can get you back on the job quickly. Simply call our emergency number 978-852-3300.

How Much Does it Cost When Your Hydraulics Fail?

We understand the expense of shutting down a job due to equipment failure, so Hydraulics Plus carries top-of-the-line hydraulic fittings, hoses and hydraulic components from the finest manufacturers around the world. 

We proudly feature a complete range of hydraulic hoses and fittings for industrial and mobile applications by Vitillo. We also stock components from many other manufacturers.

Not sure exactly what you need? Bring us the broken part, and we’ll assess it and replace it for you. All of our staff has expertise in the construction industry and related fields.

Special Announcement: We now offer steel hydraulic tubing, bending, and welding, including stainless.

Hydraulics Plus Tube bending

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